It is easy to think in terms of so many days until....but we are called to have our thoughts crowned with thorns & crucified with Him, for His thoughts are not our thoughts, and He calls to us saying "Come follow me"

Know Him as I AM, in The Now, for it is the only point in time that touches Eternity.

Now as we journey to the beginning of our union, "may we not look back but forgetting what is behind press on", "Letting go of the past & the future" ::

  • We all have been sinned against and betrayed by those closest to us; therefore, He came to share in our life that we may share in His.  Lord, we forgive all those who have sinned against us, and we implore you, hear our prayer, have mercy on them and forgive them their sins.  Accept our lives as a living sacrifice on their behalf, in imitation of You Who Are our Living Sacrifice, The Lamb of God
    • grant us the Courage to seek Forgiveness ourselves; and, grant us the Justice, Obedience, & Charity to Forgive those who seek our forgiveness.
  • We all have sinned, there is not one of us who has not, and if any says they have not sinned then their sin remains(); however, if we confess our sins He is quick to show Mercy, and wash us clean as the new fallen snow.() He did not come to condemn but to offer us Life.  But we often fear and falter from lavishing those we love with the tears of our sorrow and repentance()  But we withhold our love from those we refuse to seek forgiveness from.  
    • Grant us the Obedience to hear the call to repentance, and the Courage to answer Your Call; help us leave our gifts at the alter and seek out those we have sinned against and confess our love for You by seeking forgiveness.  Let us Live by example and call to our neighbor by demonstrating the strength of Humility.
  • in the time to come, we are likely to meet with "success and failure those two imposters just the same'() both sinning and being sinned against all the same, with health and sickness, joy and sorrow, life and death, and come to face to face with our greatest hopes and fears, he calls us to ask for "our daily bread"
    • Dear Lord, Love, and Life; grant us the grace to die to our hopes and fears of tomorrow and instead to live Today with You, Loving one another as You first Loved us.()

So Today, we Begin again; as it was in The Beginning, is Now, and ever shall Be.  As we prepare with so many days until...with so many things to do....with so many distractions; we begin Today, and every day by preparing for He Who we treasure most, not with gold nor silver, but with a humble and contrite heart.()

Lord, our Life, and our Love,

grant all those who you have placed within our heart

Your Forgiveness & The Courage

to Begin each day, Today, again; as it was in The Beginning.()

Do not be afraid;  stand in awe!