When I attended the University of St. Thomas, I was in charge of the front desk at the dorm.  I inherited an inattentive staff who frequently fell asleep; residents  complained there was no sense of community.  The solution that came from prayer: a simple blank sketchbook.  I presented the sketchbook at the residence board meeting and another board member took on the responsibility of designing the cover and simple rules regarding content and use.  Workers would spend hours drawing a wide variety of works from traditional art, sketches, and verse while greeting guest and residents.  People would stop by and look at the latest creations, and conversations would flow.

As we start our new family, look for this tradition to be reborn; visit us at our home, look for the latest book, with pens, pencils, and other supplies to assist you in leaving a bit of your creative expression of yourself and what is in your heart that day (we all have the full spectrum of days / feelings....happy, sad, indifferent, angry, love and affection...etc.), petitions, prayers, reflections, and most important, just plain silly =).

We would really appreciate as we near the wedding helping us to get this started off right....Eileen should be bringing our first blank one to the bridal shower....feel free to pass the book among yourselves, just keep us informed  so it does not get lost.  Haven't had a chance to add to it yourself? let us know we'll track it down and make sure you get a chance =).

You are awesome =), love you =),

Eileen & Thomas