When we got engaged, Eileen for her part with whole hearted zeal signed us up for not one, but each and every marriage prep program out there; Tom for his part suggested that we retreat before God.  

         We decided to go on a private retreat, at The Cenacle, together and simply pray for God's guidance, trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide us.  We determined to simply do whatever we were told with no plans of our own, yes, yes of course with discernment, anything contrary to the Gift of Himself in the Church, or to the Gift of Himself in Scripture, or to the Gift of the Light of Reason, or to the Gift of the Law of Nature would be understood as not from God; however, if it was consistent with all, we would be obedient.

         We were completely undecided about all aspects of the retreat, simply that we would trust, and we would listen and obey, with arms outstretched.  So the day before the Cenacle called and gave us the opportunity to yes again, suggesting that we may want to postpone because of construction, we decided to be faithful and go anyway.  We were undecided about whether to meet with a spiritual director so we left that too up to the Holy Spirit of God, praying for His will, not ours.


"I put my hand over my mouth"(Job 40:4), in awe!

what can we say,

“Do whatever [God] tells you.”(John 2:5)